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All reports issued by the department are available on the relevant Trusts’ electronic systems. This will be EPR at Wythenshawe site and Lorenzo within Tameside. For primary care reports are distributed to the GP practice systems.

Paper reports are still sent to the users at Tameside and some GP practices. Tameside reports, including those for the Tameside GP practices, are transported back to the Pathology Department at Tameside site using the twice daily transport. They are then distributed as required from Tameside Pathology. Paper reports for GP practices within the Wythenshawe Site catchment area are sent via second class post.

RCPath cancer standards and data sets

For cancer resections, the Department follows guidelines and reporting templates recommended in the Royal College of Pathologists Cancer Data Sets.

Multidisciplinary Team Meetings (MDTs)

Histopathologists participate in MDT meetings as required, on both the Wythenshawe Tameside sites. Participation in the Tameside MDTs and links into multi-centre MDTs is often via video conferencing.

Turnaround times

The Cellular Pathology department monitors turnaround times in line with the RCPath key performance indicators – proposals for implementation July 2013. This document states that 80% of diagnostic cases should be reported within 7 calendar days and 90% within 10 calendar days.

For up to date information on the department’s current turnaround figures, please contact the Deputy Manager.


(Last reviewed June 2021)