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Dr Michael Kelly

Lead Governor

Lead Governor

Having served as a Public Governor for Manchester residents for several years, I feel that the  experience and skills that I have acquired puts me in good stead for  the role of, Lead Governor.

The experiences and knowledge that I have attained, from diligently reviewing and seeking appropriate assurances from the information readily provided by the Trust has enabled me to be more effective in supporting my fellow Governors to be representative of members and the wider public.

As a keen listener, an avid researcher and having an inquisitive nature has helped me in developing my skills as an effective questioner.  In my role of Lead Governor, supporting the Trust to deliver the best possible care to patients is a key area of focus with the questions I put forward on behalf of my Governor colleagues and the wider general public being a keyway for me to ensure the best interests of the public remains a priority.

Elected: November 2023

Term of Office: 1 year (1st term) ending at the Council Of Governors’ Meeting November 2024